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A soldier can’t keep his mind on battle when his balls are full to bursting. It’s necessary to relieve this sexual frustration through regular masturbation and the expulsion of semen. The sarge at CMNM drives in this practice to his cadets so that they not only empty their own balls but also help out their fellow soldiers. This builds up a sense of camaraderie as well as relieving them of their heavy loads.

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Muscular healthy young sportsman naked humiliation

Captain Jon Damian is handsome, talented and at the peak of his athletic physical abilities. He should be a paragon of virtue leading the Mancastle United football team. But this muscular healthy young sportsman has taken to philandering and hiring prostitutes causing a series of sex scandals in all the tabloids. The club owner Prince Wackibacki is a man of high virtue and cannot stand for this kind of embarrassment to the team. Jon must understand that he is a spokesman for the Mancastle club both on and off the football field. The football board re-evaluate the football captain’s worth stripping him completely, probing his anus and extracting a sperm sample. This football star learns that no matter how famous and successful he gets his place is as a naked subordinate to the powerful board members of the club.

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Cmnm photos of Young rising boxing champ Sergei

Young rising boxing champ Sergei has an arrogant and competitive spirit which may serve him well in the ring, but it doesn’t sit well with the bosses. He arrives late for a match and gives a lot of attitude when being weighed in to make sure he’s in shape. These men can sweep away his prize money and ruin his promising career. His only chance is to submit totally to these experienced older clothed men who strip him, physically train him, inspect his arsehole and drain him of semen. For the official records all of this is recorded on video to make sure this stark naked athlete is in total compliance with the national boxing regulations.

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Fully naked handsome lad humiliation

Manual labourer Terry went to a club looking for a good night out, ended up getting in a violent argument with a bouncer and now finds himself in the interview room of a police station. It’s not an ideal situation for a virile young man who was hoping to get laid and he wants to get out as soon as possible. Deputy Constables Parker and Lent have years of experience dealing with the toughest criminals in the city. They could tell right away he’s concealing something and they are prepared to conduct a very thorough physical examination to prove it. They know exactly how to handle the fully naked handsome lad and get what they want from him while following strict police procedure.

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Clothed dominant men stripping boxer

Boxers must live a life of strict, absolute discipline in order to become top fighters. Any wavering from the prescribed regime of exercise can lead to failure and disqualification. In the masculine-heavy boxing club rec room the managers consider whether boxer Nick is fit enough for the big upcoming fight. While puffing away on their cigars, the clothed dominant men assess if Nick is up to scratch stripping him completely naked, inspecting his arsehole and relieving his heavy balls. All champion fighters go through this process in order to win.

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Football player humiliation

The football players at Mancastle United are worth millions, so the coach and medical examiner don’t take any chances when it comes to injuries. Players are brought straight in and stripped so their firm muscular bodies can be given full physical exams. Using cutting-edge therapies the sportsmen are given treatments to keep them in peak condition. There’s no room for modesty as the clothed professionals get stuck in handling each athlete’s genitals and sliding their fingers up their arses. This sort of treatment is regularly administered to keep these lads fit, strong and at the top of their game.

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Boys naked humiliation

The management of Trojan Motors have a stressful job running a multi-million pound industry. Tight profit margins, whinging unions and soaring costs. The last thing they need to deal with are disgruntled bickering employees. Putting a suggestion box in the canteen was meant to amicably resolve these tensions, but it’s only served as an outlet for workers to make accusations against each other. They are going to sort this out once and for all getting two particularly troublesome blue collar workers in to strip them down and bring them closer together.

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